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Developed by the American Association of Individual Investors, this publication teaches you how to build a successful investment portfolio by coupling time-tested investment research with proven risk-reduction strategies. This combination is both educational and financially rewarding.

Subscribers receive weekly information and research covering the SSR portfolio, its holdings and the strategies we employ in creating this real-world model that makes low risk and high returns a priority.

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The Stock Superstars System

By monitoring a wide range of research and investment strategies, we identify investment approaches that have promise to achieve a lower risk and higher return than the overall market.

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Portfolio Building

SSR provides a quick and easy total portfolio approach that couples tested investment research with proven risk-reducing strategies.

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Portfolio Return Since Inception
Stock Superstars 270.7%
iShares Dow Jones U.S. (IYY) 245.5%
Performance as of 2018-12-14.
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